The next generation event system

Jirango offers digital services to realize conferences, events and congresses remotely or on site.

We are Jirango.

Digital solutions to the meeting industry

Digital, physical or hybrid meeting? We have solutions that suit you, your company or organization.

25 years of industry experience

Jirango™ is the third generation event system. Built completely from scratch – but with 25 years of experience from events, conferences, congresses and fairs.


Create your own registration forms and put any information on any page. Simple or advanced registrations, group registration, payment, and more.

Our digital services

Advanced capabilities in the third generation registration system, to build complex or simple registrations.

Event system built on the very latest technology, safer and more flexible. Customize your meeting according to your graphic profile and choose the information displayed.

On-site handling with reading of barcodes and printing of name tags. Let participants interact in the same way regardless of location.

Specially built functions for your event or organization.


Graphic customization

Customize everything from the registration to the digital meeting room. Flexible for those who work with different graphic profiles to adapt completely as desired.


Ask questions, hold polls, have group conversations in breakouts, meet in the chat or conduct video meetings.


Design your registration forms with drag-n-drop. Choose the number of pages and information displayed yourself

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