As an organizer, it is important to inform your participants how personal data is handled, used and to collect consent. It is the organizer of an event that is responsible for personal data and Jirango is the personal data assistant for the organizer, according to the regulations in the GDPR (Data Protection Regulation). You can read more about how we collect personal data on the website in our privacy policy at the bottom of the page.

One device at a time at digital events

As a participant in a digital event, you can only be logged in and participate on one device at a time, this to avoid unregistered people participating from multiple locations. At a digital event, there is a risk that participants share their login with unregistered or even unauthorized people. To avoid this, you can therefore only be logged in and participate on one unit at a time.

Registration is required for digital events

Only registered and authorized participants can log into the platform to participate in digital meetings. No login required for your event? Then we'll solve it too.

Bank ID

If additional security is required to verify participants at distance events, bank ID can be used. Contact us for more information.​

Flexible solutions

Do you have any other questions related to security? Contact us!