Digital Meetings

like a pro

Stream/Video meeting

Send a stream, a video meeting or insert a movie that the participants themselves can activate in the meeting.


Divide the meeting into groups, where the participants either choose group rooms voluntarily, are divided randomly or according to pre-announced choices already at registration.


Build your meeting with drag-n-drop

When you build your meeting, everything is built easily with drag and drop

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Interaction for everyone

Interact with the audience, let the participants interact or communicate in different ways

  • Chat: Chat in the public chat or start a private chat with a colleague or new contact.
  • Voting: Create polls with results displayed directly in the meeting.
  • Questions: Ask questions of the participants or let the participants ask questions of speakers or presenters.
  • Reactions: Let participants send live reactions that are displayed directly on the screen for everyone.
  • Video wall: Create a video wall where all participants can wave or interact live.
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Create exhibitor pages, digital stands and information counters with direct connection to the digital meeting room

  • Information section: Let the exhibitors themself write the information displayed in the digital stand.
  • Video/Image: The exhibitor himself inserts images or videos to his digital stand.
  • Exhibitor: The booth manager can add people who staff the digital booth.
  • Chat/Video: Visitors or attendees can chat with the exhibitor or start a live video chat.
  • Links/Files: Insert links to your website or product. Attach files that can be downloaded.
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Agenda & Participants

Let participants view today's program, edit their own profile or see connected colleagues

  • Agenda:Keep track of the day's program using the agenda module, let the moderator activate ongoing items and smoothly move on to the next item.
  • Separate agenda: Create separate agendas for breakout sessions or other rooms in the digital meeting.
  • Profile: Participants can add their own profile picture, Linkedin profile, job title or make themselves anonymous.
  • Participants: See who is connected or see how many people are connected to the room you are in.
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A virtual backstage with the same functions as a physical backstage.

  • Go on stage: Stay in touch with a technician and go on stage after the go-ahead.
  • Chat: Chat with a technician, moderator or manager.
  • Recording: Record the meeting and download the files directly in Jirango.
  • Control: Check sound, image, participants, speakers or other technicalities.