Financial management directly in the system and smooth payments for your participants

Card payment​

Nets Easy. Integrated payment but also reimbursement in the system.


Pay with swish through our swish agreement or your own. Perfect for payment for private individuals.

E-invoice in Sweden

Do you have a physical event? We offer on-site processing with scanning of codes, badge printing and payment


Direct integration with inExchange.

GLN and Refno

The Global Location Number (GLN) is displayed in a list automatically by the system according to the specified organization number. The participant then selects the correct number using the list that lists the different departments/parts of the company.

Reference numbers are entered using a lookup against a database with all of Sweden's municipalities, regions and state administrations. This helps people enter the correct number in a registration.

Invoices that bounce

All e-invoices that are bounced/stopped are visible with a mark in Jirango. Also for orders with an obviously incorrect reference number. Jirango offers the possibility to send a pre-filled email to the registered directly in the system. Following is the information that can be followed when a new checkmark appears on the person who has updated their information. ​

Payment methods per country

Ability to set payment methods per country or region. It is also possible to choose whether to allow private individuals. For example, "everyone from Sweden and Norway can pay by invoice, the rest of Europe only by card.

Reverse Charge

VAT deductions usually arise at international meetings, and sometimes you want participants from European countries not to pay VAT on certain activities or events. In a registration in Jirango, you can easily set whether reverse charge should be applied or not. When applied, the system makes a lookup against a European database that contains all organization numbers and VAT numbers. Then we get back a validation and in that case reverse charge is to be applied, the VAT is deducted automatically.

Domestic VAT deduction

If an organizer belongs to the public sector where some participants are governmental and others are not, and where some participants must have VAT deductions. In such a case, the system looks up the information against a national database with all authorities, municipalities and regions. If the organization number is correct, a VAT deduction is made directly and automatically.

ISO 20022

At the end of 2023, the bank giro will be replaced with the European standard ISO 20022. Then payments will go directly between banks instead of via the bank giro. We will provide functionality for this during the year.


Importera och exportera deltagarlistor till Excel.