Registration & Participant Management

In Jirango, you manage your participants, make changes to the participant’s order, send emails and SMS, take out lists of dietary wishes, divide into groups and much more.


Send texts, emails, registrationlinks or surveys through the platform. 


Import or export participant lists

Participant managing

Manage participants information, links or activities and remove participants.

On-site managing

Physical event? We offer on-site managing with scanning, badge printing and payment.


Build your registration with drag-n-drop

Create registrationforms with payment options, selectable number of pages, seminar selection and much more.


Send out your registration, designed email and text message reminder through the platform.


Import and export participant lists to Excel.


Choose the paymentmodule while buildning the registration to give the participants the option to pay for events, activities and tickets. We offer card payments, Swish payments as well as invoice and e-invoice. Use our redemption agreement or use your own.

On-site managing

Use our app att physical events to check in participants, print personal badges and scan potential leads.


Would you like to know how many people attended your event och how many people attended a specific part of the event? View all relevant information directly in the plattform.


Manage your participants from the beginning to the end, update personal data, remove participants or invite new ones.


Send out evaluations or questions to everbody who participated in the event, or only to specific participants.


Allow participants to register for activities already in the registration, manage exhibitors, divide groups into breakout rooms or use random grouping.