Prices Registrations & Physical Meeting


Jirango offers a registration-only solution where the pricing model depends on how many registrations apply. Of course, there is also the possibility of becoming a contract customer, book a meeting and we can discuss details!

What can you buy?

  • Jirango Event System for registrations
  • Registrations per piece
  • Survey module
  • Economics module
  • Card payment
  • Invoice management
  • SMS sending

Physical meetings

Jirango offers services and solutions for physical meetings where moments are handled on site. This may involve computers, barcode scanners or the help of technicians. Does your company organize many physical events? Become a contract customer by contacting us!

What can you buy?

  • Computer rental including installation
  • Barcode or QR code scanner rental
  • Hire of printers for nameplates or other badges
  • Card holder for nameplates
  • Technicians on site