Prices digital meeting​

The basic model for a digital meeting includes the following

  • Presentation module for presenting live or recorded material
  • Streaming module to display a live stream
  • Voting/polls/question module and live results
  • Text and images
  • Stage function
  • Speaker list
  • Applause/live reactions displayed directly on the screen
  • Chat
  • Program/agenda showing active and past items
  • Participant list that can show all, active or number of participants
  • Layout functions where you can switch between different built layouts directly in the meeting
  • Module for sending emails
    Support for participants upon login and during the meeting

In addition to the basic model, there are modules and services to add as needed

Do you want to hold a more complex meeting with, for example, breakouts where the participants connect and can discuss a question in smaller groups? Or do you want attendees to register to sign up for group rooms or have digital exhibitor booths? Then we have the perfect additions.

The following modules and services can be added:

  • Group rooms or breakouts
  • V-meeting where participants can chat live
  • Backstage with opportunities to record the meeting, “walk on stage”, chat with technicians, etc
  • Digital exhibitor stand
  • Registration or notification
  • Video-on-demand that the participants themselves can initiate via the platform
  • Survey module for creating and sending out surveys
  • Zoom module to display a zoom meeting in the digital platform
  • Hybrid meeting module where mobile-adaptive layouts are allowed to interact with both on-site and remote participants
  • Computer on site
  • Application consultant/project manager (read more here)

Other functions included

In addition to the digital arena where the meeting is held, functions such as layout functions and a module for sending emails are included.